Claiming Against Your Credit Card

If you paid for defective goods or services on your credit card and the merchant will not resolve the problem, you can file a dispute with the credit card company using a procedure called, Claims and Defenses.

What are claims and defenses?

Claims and defenses are any valid reasons you have for not paying a certain credit card charge. They include billing errors, unauthorized charges, and claims that goods or services were misrepresented, defective, or not delivered.

The credit card company can be held responsible under Federal law (15 USC 1666i).

How do I assert claims and defenses?

You assert your claims and defenses by writing to the credit card company showing that you tried to resolve the problem with the store directly but they refused to remedy the problem. Tell them you are withholding payment until the problem is resolved.

Are there any limitations on raising claims and defenses?

Yes. In order to assert claims and defenses, the purchase must have been made in the same state you live in, or within 100 miles of your home. Also, the amount of the disputed charge must be more than $50.

If the credit card company and the business honoring the card are connected, for example, a department store honoring its own credit card, this limitation does not apply. This also applies to advertisements that were included in your credit card statement.

If I’ve already paid the disputed amount on my credit card, can I still raise my claims and defenses?

No. Once you pay the disputed amount, you cannot assert claims and defenses. If you paid only part of the disputed amount, you can still put a claim in for the remaining balance owed.

Can I use claims and defenses for purchases made on the telephone?

Yes. If you fall victim to a fraudulent telemarketer, who charges your credit card for worthless vacations, investments, or other goods or services, you can use the claims and defenses procedure to dispute these phony charges.

Can I assert claims and defenses if I place an order by phone with a company in another state?

If the company contacted you by phone, the law states that the purchase took place where you received the call.

If you feel the charge is fraudulent, you can refuse to pay and can assert your claims and defenses.

If you contacted the out-of-state company by phone, the purchase is usually considered to have taken place at their location. In that case, you could not assert your claims and defenses.

Is there a time limit for asserting claims and defenses?

If you sue for the amount in dispute, you must do so within one year of the purchase. However, if the credit card issuer or the retailer sues you, you can raise your claims and defenses at anytime.

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Reasons Projects Fail for a Business Analyst

Each day businesses call upon a business analyst to determine what must be done in order to accomplish a certain task. Each avenue must be explored and analyzed for a project proposal to be implemented. The project scope determines what the course of action may or may not be. Each person involved must answer to another until management is satisfied all has been done to rectify the situation. Everything stays on task. The project as a whole is coming together. Teams are co-ordinating with each other to apply the objective into the code. It is all going according to plan. At the end, it all falls apart. Nothing is as it seems. The project has failed to accomplish what it set out to do. The business analyst is hung out to dry. Every finger points to him or her. In actuality it is not the fault of the analyst.

It was a joint effort from the beginning. When the problem was recognized as such and something needed to be done is when the business analyst came into the scope of things. Management said get it done. IT said it is done. Low end said it just isn’t what we need anymore. So what happened? The first thing is failing to disclose all information necessary do make a proper assessment of the situation.

A business analyst is not a mushroom. You can not keep them in the dark. They have to know the in’s and out’s of the company. He or she must be aware of the company vision or end goal. A few facts and figures just will not do the job. Disclosure can close the project tighter than a drum.

Acting as the liaison between departments and upper management, the business analyst must gather data from everyone involved in the project. When someone feels they do not want to be a team player this can cause a disruption in the scheme of things. Each team was delegated a task. Upstarts who think they know what is the end result and rush to meet the goal, may find themselves dead wrong. However there are times when up and coming management leaders do the same thing. Instead of looking at the big picture and realizing all the intricate parts are necessary, they view a segment as the solution. This can only lead to failure. Communication is the key to success.

If someone does have a better plan, a good business analyst will listen to the idea. He or she may find it a viable solution for one aspect of the entire project. Unless the business analyst is told of the idea it can go unused or worse yet misconstrued as the proper solution. Communication is most commonly the reason projects fail.

The business analyst is what holds the project together. He or she is what makes the teams work together as teams. The analyst is the one who takes all the pieces of the puzzle and puts it together so the end result is success. Think of the business analyst as the nails in a house. When you do not use nails to hold it all together you wind up with nothing more than kindling.